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Thu 12.11. - Sun 15.11.

00:00 - 24:00

single admission

Albertinum atrium

Festival talk 4

Sun, 15.11., 11:30


Studio Beisel (DE)

Das schloss

 German & English

A memorial goes online: DAS SCHLOSS (THE CASTLE) is a complex that was built by order of the Free State and with the support of the W.V.V. (1) It was given this name without any reference to its size, shape or the artistic form of the façade. Conceived for the Albertinum of the Dresden State Art Collection, it fulfils the current highest information and building security requirements (2). Any attempt to get into the inner SCHLOSS (CASTLE) therefore involves a lot of time (3) and also personal inconvenience (4). Up until now, the exceptional cultural memorial in Dresden was considered an insider tip and after various phases of operation has been empty since the pandemic. 

Now the art collective Studio Beisel has taken it upon themselves to reopen DAS SCHLOSS (THE CASTLE) with a very special new concept for this year’s Fast Forward anniversary. Inspired by the unique appearance of the complex both inside and out, Studio Beisel have reworked the memorial according to digital standards. The user interface of the festival’s website (5) is also a homage to the external façade of the SCHLOSS (CASTLE).
So, in the end, it’s not just
DAS SCHLOSS (THE CASTLE) that benefits from more international visitors. The European festival for young directors is also being given a new stage (6) on the internet for the current edition.


(1) Weltverschönerungsverein (Association for World Beautification)

(2) Since a password / key / identification are required.

(3) There may be waiting times, the viewing can take up to half an hour. The waiting area in the outdoor courtyard of the Albertinum can be entered without a ticket or registration.

(4) Under special consideration of the hygeine regulations, the castle can only accept individual visitors or groups from the same household. We cannot guarantee that there will not be any further restrictions.

(5) was developed by Studio Beisel as part of the project

(6) Under construction.

online only



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