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Tickets cost 11,00 € / 7,00 € reduced price (please provide a document that entitles you to the reduced price). Freshmen pay 5,00 € per ticket. You have free choice of seats in the performances in Kleines Haus 1. Please find further information on the sale of tickets PANDEMIC-specials here:  (link setzen)


Ticket Selling Points

Box office and service centre in Schauspielhaus, Theaterstraße 2, 01067 Dresden

Mon-Fri: 10:00-18:30 / Sat: 12:00-18:30

Kleines Haus, Glacisstraße 28, 01099 Dresden

Mon-Fri: 14:00-18:30

Booking by Phone Phone:

+49 351.49 13-555  / Groups +49 351.49 13-567 Mon-Fri: 10:00-18:30 / Sat: 12:00-18:30

Mail Order Staatsschauspiel Dresden, Besucherservice, Theaterstraße 2, 01067 Dresden / Fax: +49 351.49 13-967




Evening Box Office

Every venue has an evening box office that opens 30 minutes prior to the performances. Please note that at the box offices of Hellerau, Hochschule für Bildende Künste and Semper Zwei only cash payment is possible.

Visitors* to the performances must wear a mouth-and-nose cover (MNB) when entering the performance venues and during the entire performance. The MNB can be removed once the allocated seat has been taken. When leaving the seat, the MNB must be put on again.

All details can be found at (!hier muss der englische link hin). Please do also inform yourself about the applicable safety and hygiene regulations on site.


Digital Stage

All contributions on our digital stage are available on, are free of charge and without prior registration.



All venues are accessible for wheelchairs. Please be so kind to inform us while booking your ticket for we will be prepared to assist you prior to the performance.


Note for Teachsers

Dear teachers, if you would like to get information about the theatre pedagogical offers in regard to the festival, please contact the Theater Pedagogy Department at


HELLERAU – Europäisches Zentrum der Künste Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 56, 01109 Dresden, Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden (HfBK) Güntzstraße 34, 01069 Dresden, Staatsschauspiel Dresden Kleines Haus Glacisstraße 28, 01099 Dresden, Semper Zwei direkt hinter der Semperoper, Theaterplatz 2, 01067 Dresden, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden - Albertinum Georg-Treu-Platz 2, 01067 Dresden


Connections between the venues

Depending on how you choose your performances, you can watch several productions in a row on each day. To get an idea you will find here the walking distances between the venues (except Hellerau) and the streetcar lines of the DVB, which run between the venues. Please find further information here:

between Semper Zwei & Albertinum

by foot: 15 Min

Tram 4 from Zwingerteich or Tram 1, 2 from Postplatz to Pirnaischer Platz & 8 Min by foot

between Semper Zwei & Hochschule für Bildende Künste (HfBK)
by foot: 30 Min

Tram 4 from Zwingerteich or Tram 1, 2 from Postplatz to Straßburger Platz & changeover for Tram 13 to Dürerstraße or 10 Min Fußweg

between Semper Zwei & Hellerau

Tram 1, 2, 4 from Postplatz to Pirnaischer Platz & changeover for Tram 8 to Festspielhaus Hellerau

between  Semper Zwei & Kleines Haus
by foot: 30 Min.

Tram 11 from Am Zwingerteich to Albertplatz & 5 Min by foot

between (HfBK) & Hellerau

Tram 6 from Sachsenallee to Albertplatz & changeover for Tram 8 to Festspielhaus Hellerau

between (HfBK)& Kleines Haus

by foot: 15 Min

Tram 6, 13 from Sachsenallee or Dürerstraße to Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz

between (HfBK) & Albertinum

by foot: 15 Min

between Kleines Haus & Hellerau

Tram 8 from Albertplatz to Festspielhaus Hellerau

between Kleines Haus & Albertinum

by foot: 20 Min.

Tram 3, 7, 8 from Albertplatz to Synagoge

between Albertinum & Hellerau

Tram 8 from Synagoge to Festspielhaus Hellerau


Public Transports Dresden

Ticket sales

Please click here for online ticket sales of the Staatsschauspiel Dresden


fast forward festival team

Artistic Direction & Curator: Charlotte Orti von Havranek

Production Management: Charlotte Keck

Technical Coordination: Julius Kählig  

Assistant Technical Coordination: Dina Zaitev

Assistant Direction & Production: Stephan Wagner

Technical Management: Peter Keune

Technical Direction, Lighting, Sound, Video: Bodo Garske, Richard Messerschmidt, Thomas Schenkel, Manja Schreyer (Staatsschauspiel), Olaf Lehmann, Fabio Antoci, Stefan Folbrecht (Semper Zwei), Ronald Scheurich, Harald Büttner (Labortheater), Henryk Bastian, Falk Dittrich, Patrick Lauckner, Helge Petzold (Hellerau) Michael John, Tamás Burunkai, Wenke Ladewig (SKD – Albertinum)  

VR-Technique: Ilja Mirsky  


Interpreter: Irina Bondas  

English translation of the greetings and the announcements texts for the productions and the supporting programme: Anna Galt

Press & Public Relations: Gertrud Aringer

Graphic Design: Andrea Dextor  

Fast Forward Trailer: Kristian Andresen

Festival Documentary: David Campesino

Photographer: Sebastian Hoppe


Special thanks go to everybody involved at the Staatsschauspiel Dresden and the partner venues for the preparation, support and realization of this festival.



 What we're doing for your safety


We have taken many measures in our theatres to protect the health and safety of our visitors and artists:

Reduced number of seats than can be booked

The number of seats that can be booked have been significantly reduced in each venue in order to ensure the necessary distance between our visitors. There will be no performances in the small venue, Haus 3, because it was not possible to provide that distance there reasonably.


general precautions

Before every event, the auditorium, toilets, bars, foyers, ticket office and coat-check will be cleaned. The plays we are showing all have a maximum length of two hours and no intermission. Unfortunately we cannot offer public premiere parties under the current circumstances. 


admission and pathway system to minimise contact

A new admission and pathway system ensures that you can always maintain sufficient distance to other people. In the Schauspielhaus, the entrances under the arcades will be used as individual entrances to the tiers, the auditoriums will be opened at the same time as the theatre so that you can take your seats as quickly as possible.



In order to avoid situations with little distance at the wardrobes, we ask you to take your outerwear with you into the hall. There is enough space to leave them at the adjacent place.

contact detail collecting in compliance with data protection laws

In order to be able to ensure we can identify a chain of infection in suspected cases, we as the event organiser are obliged to keep lists of those who have attended. For this reason, we kindly ask you to provide you name, address and telephone number when you buy your tickets. We will keep these lists according to Art. 5 DSGVO, while complying with data protection laws, and will delete them after four weeks or when Corona protection regulations are no longer in force.

Sale of tickets: special PANDEMIC rules – follow this link to find a document that explains in detail the rules of buying tickets under Corona conditions. - englische Übersetzung verlinken

 What you can do

please wear a nose and mouth cover

You must wear a mouth and nose cover inside the building. As soon as you have taken your seat, you can take it off. Please put on your mouth and nose cover when other visitors are passing through your row to take their seats.


maintain social distancing

Maintain sufficient distancing to the people around you (minimum 1,50 m)


follow the general rules for hygiene

Please disinfect your hands and follow sneezing and coughing etiquette. Signs in the theatre will remind you of the hygiene rules. Disinfectant will be provided in the ticket desk area, at the entrances and in the toilets.

Follow the instructions of front of house staff

Our staff are continuously informed about all the authorities’ regulations. They will ensure that the hygiene rules are consistently followed to protect all our visitors.

Fast forward 


Welcome to the service area of Fast Forward At Work

Here you would have learned how and on which ways you could have visited the festival in Dresden. For navigation on the festival's online stage, please pay special attention to the privacy policy and the other service buttons at the bottom of this page.

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