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Grzegorz Jaremko is currently finishing his degree in directing at the Theatre Academy of Krakow. In the Polish system, the students direct productions at the theatre while still in their training, whereas in the academies they tend to create studio pieces. Grzegorz Jaremko started his career exceptionally early and directed his first production in the repertoire theatre while he was still in the third year of his studies. As part of the TR Warszawa debut series in 2019, he presented a bold interpretation of WOYZECK, based on a collaboration with Marcin Cecko, dramaturge and author of the text, which electrifies the original thanks to the unusual interpretative approach.

Büchner’s WOYZECK is based on the true story of a young murderer from Leipzig, whose fate Büchner tells with empathy: for the victim of a violent and soulless society, in which anyone who doesn’t conform to the norm is doomed to a bitter end. Jaremko comes to Büchner’s play fragment from the perspective of questions about masculine identity. His protagonist is the lead singer of a garage band. The dramatic conflict has nothing to do with class conflict, but with different role models of masculinity. Machoism collides with queerness. Woyzeck’s fear of the initiation into manhood and the manifestation of his masculinity causes him to escape into a fantasy that conflicts with reality. However, it is only in this fantasy that it becomes possible to test out his appearance, his body.



Grzegorz Jaremko (PL)


 based on Georg Büchner, written by Marcin Cecko 

 Polish, with German & English surtitles


With Jan Dravnel, Mateusz Górski, Rafał Maćkowiak, Maria Maj, Paweł Smagała, Tomasz Tyndyk

Direction Grzegorz Jaremko / Dramaturgy Marcin Cecko / Stage Design Natalia Giza / Costumes Rafał Domagała
Light Design & Video Marek Kozakiewicz, Adam Lipiński / Music Bartosz Dziadosz / Director’s Assistant

Malwina Szumacher / Set Designer's Assistants Magdalena Kujawa, Julia Makówka / Production Management Magda Igielska / © Foto Marcin Oliva Soto


The copyright of the translator Sława Lisiecka to the play Woyzeck is represented in Poland by the ADiT Agency.

Sat 14.11.

8.30pm - 10pm

only as live stream available, no archive

Recording of the production

Aftershow talk &

chat (Q&A)

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